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+.exe + torrent + serial the Internet is a jungle is ther a way to make compiz work with mouse and text input? cant i alt tab the windows? jrib: ok, will do it !brainstorm | rogerio rogerio: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at and vote for the ones you like! jrib, actually my CPU is the i7-860 aaroninfidel: still slower? jrib: thanks for your time cecko: np bbl aaroninfidel: did you try different java versions? jrib, lemme install 7 aaroninfidel: there is no need hi jrib, can I run multiple java versions at the same time? aaroninfidel: yes aaroninfidel: with some hacks, but that's the way to do it jrib, how? aaroninfidel: I have no idea aaroninfidel: maybe ask the guys in ##java I have ubuntu 9.04, is it possible to upgrade it to the latest version, 8.10 or 9.04, without losing my data and apps? kalarika: You need to upgrade to 9.04 first. kalarika: 8.04 -> 8.10 -> 9.04 kalarika: I recommend you upgrade to 9.04 oh, yes..and what if I have two partitions and don't have enough space is there any way to check a partition for errors? fsck reports there are no errors, but i suspect there are thanks, I was thinking of doing a clean install



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Btv Solo Free Download With Crack And Keygen appoemi

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