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If you could trim a few parts, then the parts at the end would be nice, and you can embed it into your website or blog. @germanbull: see @itunesreggae. The iTunes version was (is?) illegal, so you can't buy it. But just because you can't buy it, doesn't mean you shouldn't download it. So people do. But the price for the content is based on the music industry's notion that people will pay money for it (which is not their decision to make, that's the market's). But the market does not work like that, so they have to give you a free copy. Many people still don't know that there is a free version of iTunes (downloadable from the internet). All it does is play the files and create playlists. The reason that you don't notice any difference is because iTunes auto-plays music on screen and jumps between songs. That is why the free version is a "streaming" player. This is probably the most commonly used video converter: "Windows" is not a requirement, but it is recommended. ConvertMPEG is also a good one: This is a free, open source video converter: A few sites online offer free video editing services. Unfortunately, I don't know if these work with Coub, since I haven't tried it yet. These can be useful for small clips: Viddy: HitFilm: You can upload to Viddy, but you can't download videos. You can download and view videos on HitFilm, but you can't upload videos. Hope this helps, and happy Coub'ing! A: You can use this app called Coub. It is available on App Store for both Mac and Windows and it's free for some time. You can use 2-Clip Coub it is a good free solution from me. 2-Clip Coub is a web app that cuts your videos and puts them on one image. The best part is that this image can be used on your websites, social




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