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taught as a medium of communication at all levels, from primary school through university, and is the official language of the United Nations, the Arab League, the United Arab Emirates, the World Bank and the European Union. Vocabulary Arabic words come in two broad groups: verbs and nouns. In modern Standard Arabic, nouns tend to be longer, and nouns are the predominant word class in this language. While the verb is generally shorter than a noun, they still have very similar structure, though modern Modern Standard Arabic has many inflections which can add some nuance to the meaning of the verb. Nouns In modern Arabic, nouns are generally longer than verbs in length. They follow three broad classes: substantive, determiner, and the determinant. Substantive nouns are the most general class of noun, and simply refer to a thing, place, or person. They are often used as nouns, but may be used as adjectives as well, though they are often more common as adjectives. The two most common words in this category are 'thing' and 'person'. Substantive nouns are also called "nominative nouns", because their word order is . In English, the usual word order for a noun is . In Modern Standard Arabic, the word order for a substantive noun is , and the term "nominative noun" is sometimes used to refer to a substantive noun in Arabic, though strictly speaking, the term only refers to nouns that are used as nouns and not as adjectives, as adjectives are grammatically unrelated to the nouns they modify. As substantive nouns can be modified, they come in two forms, singular and plural. In the singular form, the noun is the subject of the sentence, and the subject of the verb. In the plural form, the noun is the subject of the sentence, but the verb is the object of the sentence. The subject or object of a verb is usually marked with a preposition, and the preposition and the noun must be in the same word class (substantive nouns or pronouns). The most common word order for a substantive noun is . There are a few exceptions, and the most common of these exceptions is . Because of the subject–object–verb structure, nouns in Arabic are more commonly preceded by a determiner than they are by a preposition, even when the noun



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Pimsleur Modern Standard Arabic Torrents

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